About Floor Savior

I have over 35 years combined experience of installing a variety of floor coverings and several years of experience performing inspections for a host of flooring manufacturers as an independent inspector. I am a licensed, bonded and insured flooring contractor in the state of Arizona. Top Floor Installation Company will bring our expertise to you.

As many people have found out that when searching for answers on the internet more often than not, you get wrong answers, misleading answers or only a partially correct answer. This also happens on claims of flooring issues when the manufacturer sends out an inspector. Those types of inspectors are only looking for the answer the manufacturer wants. In addition, that answer is simply; "Is it a manufacturing issue or not", that is it! They will not tell you if it can be fixed or how to fix the issues. And to tell you the truth, many of these inspectors have never even installed the floors they inspect. In the floor covering community these inspectors are called "Hired Guns" and frequently they write biased reports leaving out important data or not collecting the data properly.

Here at FloorSavior.com, not only can we give you those answers. We can perform the corrections needed and tell you if indeed it is possible. We also do online consulting for a fee. However, many issues cannot be dealt with without a physical on-site inspection.